7 Practical Ways to Eliminate Sugar on Keto

Are you trying to eliminate sugar from your keto diet?

If so, you're not alone. Many people find that cutting out sugar is one of the biggest challenges when following a keto diet. But don't worry, it's not impossible.

Here are some tips to help you eliminate sugar from your diet and stick to your goals:

1. Check for hidden sugars

Be mindful of hidden sugars in packaged and processed foods.

Many of these foods, even those marketed as "low-carb" or "keto-friendly," can be loaded with added sugars and sweeteners.

Always read the ingredient list and nutrition facts panel to check for hidden sugars.

2. Use keto-friendly sweeteners

Just because you're cutting out sugar doesn't mean you have to give up sweets altogether.

There are many keto-friendly sweeteners that can help satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your diet.

Some good options include erythritol, monk fruit sweetener, and stevia.

These sweeteners don't spike your blood sugar like regular sugar does, so you can enjoy a sweet treat without affecting your ketone levels.

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3. Find sugar-free alternatives

There are many sugar-free options available nowadays due to the recent popularity of the keto diet.

These includes sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free soda, and many more!

These alternatives can help satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your keto diet.

Just make sure to check for added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other unhealthy food additives.

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4. Snack on low-carb, keto-friendly options

When a sugar craving hits, reach for a snack that will give your body the energy it's looking for without kicking you out of ketosis.

Some good options include a handful of almonds, a hard-boiled egg, or a small serving of full-fat Greek yogurt.

5. Enjoy low-carb fruits in moderation

While fruit does contain natural sugars, some options are lower in carbohydrates than others and can be enjoyed in moderation.

These include berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

You can also try avocado, which is high in healthy fats and fiber but low in carbohydrates.

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6. Plan your meals in advance

One of the easiest ways to eliminate sugar from your diet is to plan your meals in advance.

This will help you avoid last-minute decisions that could lead to you choosing sugary foods.

Plan out your meals for the week and make a shopping list so you only buy the ingredients you need.

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7. Don't be afraid to say no

It can be hard to turn down sugary treats, especially when they're being offered by friends or family.

But remember, you're doing this for your health and your goals. It's okay to politely decline and stick to your plan.


Eliminating sugar on a ketogenic diet may take some effort, but it can lead to improved health and weight loss.

By following these tips and being mindful of your food choices, you can successfully eliminate sugar from your diet and stick to your ketogenic lifestyle.